The Volunteer for Health program is sponsored by Washington University School of Medicine to support patient-oriented research at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and throughout Washington University Medical Center.

The Center for Diversity and Cultural Competence supports the endeavors of the Washington University Center for Clinical Studies. The Washington University Center for Clinical Studies promotes the effective, efficient, and reliable evaluation of new treatments, pharmaceuticals and medial devices in collaboration with sponsoring organizations.

All clinical research activities conform to guidelines and regulations of the government and Washington University for the ethical conduct of clinical trials.

Volunteers contribute to the advancement and future of health care. The treatment of acute and chronic illnesses improves every year because of advancing science and research. Advances in medical treatments are made possible through clinical studies. A clinical study (clinical trial) is the scientific evaluation of an experimental drug or device. By taking part in studies, volunteers may gain access to the latest in medical care that is only available through this process. They will also receive priority care at one of the world's premier medical centers.

Some studies need volunteers in good health. Other studies involve patients with certain diseases. Volunteers from every ethnic group are needed.

Please visit http://vfh.wustl.edu/ for more information.