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Dr. Jeffrey Dicke

  • The exploration of the natural history and management of prenatally diagnosed malformations and the impact of prenatal monitoring on postnatal treatment and outcome


Dr. Diana Gray

  • Fetal biometry and growth evaluation with ultrasound. We are currently developing a new humeral length curve that will be utilized in the screening protocols for fetal trisomy 21
  • Investigation of the optimal methods for detecting bilirubin, as evidence of fetal hemolysis, in amniotic fluid in collaboration with faculty in the Division of Clinical Pathology
  • Preliminary investigations of large f/u study of children scanned in the RADIUS trial to evaluate intellectual/school performance in the scanned Vs non-scanned groups, with potential expansion to a longitudinal study of other children who have had multiple scans during fetal life
  • Trial of the Explora Curette for resection of endometrial lesions during sonohysterography collaborating with the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Dr. George Macones

  • Pregnancy after LEEP: To assess whether LEEP increases the risk of spontaneous pre-term birth and other adverse pregnancy outcomes, compared to women who have not had a LEEP procedure
  • Twin Birth Study: To determine the best delivery management for twin pregnancies between 32-38 weeks pregnant where Twin A is cephalic, in order to reduce maternal and fetal/neonatal mortality and morbidity
  • Efficacy of Early Amniotomy for Induction of Labor: To investigate the efficacy of artificial rupture of membranes, when the cervix is = 4 cm, on reducing both the duration of labor and the frequency of dystocia in nulliparous women undergoing induction of labor
  • Timing of Prophylactic Antibiotics in Cesarean Section and the Risk of Postoperative febrile morbidity; a randomized controlled trial: To determine whether the timing of prophylactic antibiotic administration for C/S (immediate preoperative vs. intraoperative administration) impacts the rate of postoperative febrile morbidity

Dr. Alison Cahill

  • Pregnancy Outcomes after Prolonged Admission for Fetal Decelerations: To examine the maternal, fetal, and labor outcomes in cases of prolonged admission for electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) after one or more fetal heart rate decelerations.
  • The Prediction of Macrosomia and Birth Trauma in Diabetic Pregnancies: To assess whether fasting blood glucose levels, HgA1c levels, fructosamine levels, or 3-D ultrasound measurements, can accurately predict fetal macrosomia, birth  trauma, or combined neonatal morbidity outcomes.


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